Tischlerei HOBL KG falegnameria - Velturno

“Wood and Design
united in harmonious
material combinations”


Using good quality products made with precision and highly professional workmanship, punctuality and an excellent quality price ratio, HOBL is considered a trusted partner by site management.

Our company is particularly specialised in interior fixtures and furniture made in solid wood and with innovative materials and techniques. According to customer requirements, after preparing a detailed design, our company produces external and internal wall wood panelling, stairs, doors and floors of every type and style...

We carefully analyse the alternatives with our clients in order to discover their tastes. We look for the right or preferred style ranging from the traditional to the modern. Our customers are discerning people from the private sector, public agencies, architects, hoteliers and other professionals, all in all, people looking for an individual and personal style.

We willingly submit a quotation so you may choose whether you would like to live in a welcoming environment by HOBL INTERIORDESIGN.